"Here is a little background on the guy who will be building your new chicken coop: I'm a Veteran (USAF - retired) and a former home builder who loves working with wood. My passion for raising chickens and building quality chicken coops is second to none. I have been building coops for over three years and currently have over 250 in service. Also, I was the selected builder for the coop featured at the Greensboro Science Center. I carefully choose my materials and construction techniques with an eye toward durability, portability, ease of use and a very attractive design. You'll never feel like you have to "hide" your coop. In fact, you might even find yourself making it the focal point of your back yard!"

We are going on our 3rd  year of providing custom built coops to NC,SC an Va.With hundreds of happy  customers  an many repeat customers adding another coop to their backyard farming.

We build coops that look good an that are easy to clean an last for a lifetime of use. we deliver to NC,SC an Va. See why we sell more coops then any other coop builder,design ease of cleaning an they look great.

We Will Add a slide show of customers coops here to cut down on loading  of  the web page


Amy's 5X10 Coop


Chris's 5X10 Coop


Dr. Rob Was happy an excited to get his new 6X0 Coop in Greenville,SC

Jills New Coop


Sylvia's New 5X10 coop

Raleigh ,NC  

Scott's New 5X8 Coop

Martinsville ,VA  

Chappells New 5X10  Coop


Karens new 5X8 coop

Fayetteville ,NC


Westmorelands new 5X10 coop


Carl valentines 5X10 coop


Some of our Customer's Coops In NC

Winston Salem ,NC

Lin Woods  Coop

Greensboro, NC

The Kennedy's Coop  5X10 Copper Roof


Kathrine's Winston Salem,NC

5X10 coop with a 8X10X6 fully enclosed Run

 Pictures Of a  coop 5X10

Rustic red Roof

5X6  Coop $550

5X8 Coop $650

5X10 coop $750

6X10 coop  $950

Abby's 5X6 Coop

Indian Trail, NC

Virginia's 5X10 Coop


Jeff's New 5X8 Coop


Jane's 2nd 5X10 Coop, she bought her first 5X10 over a year ago. Stanfield,NC

Another Repeat Customer

The Bennett's New 5X8 Coop

Apex ,NC

Jen and Johns new 5X10 coop

Sothern Pines ,NC

22 years army Thanks for your Service

Steves New  5X8 with water an feed system Kennersville,NC

Debra's 5X10 Custom Designed Cat condo


The Moore's Coop 5X10 Fern Grn



Claytons  Coop

Berry Roof


 Whicker's  5X10 coop


Foggleman's 5X10 coop

Durham NC.

NC BackYard Coops of NC                336-250-0838                   New London/Badin Lake/,Gold Hill -NC                   ​704-636-3217

Your Areas Number One And Oldest Builder of portable BackYard Chicken Coops with over 300 coops an Growing.





 Up to 25 miles $25

 Beyond 25 miles we will give you a Delivery quote,We can deliver anywhere.

Rebecca An Bob's 5X10 Coop


Gerry's 5X10 Coop Norfolk,


Natalie's 5X10 Coop Concord,NC

Johnathan's 5X6 Polkton,NC

Marks New 6X10 coop

Hope Mills NC

Moores New 5X6  There second coop

first one was a 5X10 1 1/2 years ago a 5X10 on right


Turner's 5X8 New Coop

High Point, NC 

Blythe's New 5X10 coop

Durham ,NC

Paul an Karens new 5X8 coop

knightdale ,NC

Stephanie's New 5X8 coop

Inman, SC

Roof Colors

The Rosen's 5X10 Coop


The Overtons  5X10 coop


Carl's  Coop

Liberty, NC

Bill's New 5X8 Coop for his birthday


Carrie's 5X8 Wellford,SC

Paul's 5X10 Coop


Michael's 5X10 Columbia,SC

Pinchgut Farms 2 new 5X10 coops


Erica & Benjamin's New coop

Aberdeen ,NC    

Jessica And Davids New coop


Lupton's New 5X10 coop

Charlotte , NC

Steve & Sharons New Coop


Greggs's New 5X10 Coop


Troutman's New 5X8 Coop

Winston Salem , NC

Leigh Ann's New 5X6 coop

Chapel hill, NC

Ramseys New 5X10 Coop


Bills New 5X10 coop

Chapel hill ,NC

Paul's 5X10 Coop


Fowler's  coop

Ivy Green Roof

Bear Creek,NC

The Jenkins  5X10 Charcoal 



Construction   Pictures Of A      Coop

The Kelly's  6X10 

Greensboro ,NC

Our coops can be washed out inside an out,unlike coops built out of plywood,wafer board,our coops have everything you need all in one   ,unlike these small doll house coops enclosed that have no run area.Our coops are made to to last a Lifetime of use.

Darrens 5X8 Coop

Chapel Hil l,NC

Misty's 5X10 Coop


Dustins  5X8 New Coop




Built loaded heading to Greenfield,TN

Joslins New 6X10 coop

Stoneville,NC   10/19/14

Haleys new 5X10  Coop

Charlotte ,NC

Wanda's New 5X8 Being picked up at our shop going to


Reese's 5X10 Coop

with feeder an Skids Bullock, NC

Russells's 6X10 coop with Water an feed system an skids to tow around.

Marvin ,NC

Lanhams's 5X10 coop


Rob an kayla looked all around for a coop in thier area but could not find something that was built to last and looked good,they called us an we built them an delivered a 5X10 coop to Rocky point,NC which is next to Wilmington over 190 miles one way from us,we delivered the coop on 3/16/14 an they loved it.

Chris's 5X8 Coop

Winston Salem,NC


Greensboro Science Centers New coop built by NC Back yard Coops,With Curator  of birds and Mammals Jessica

 We build coops that lasts a lifetimewith a eye for detail. We have coops in NC,SC an Va.

       All Pressure Treated  Construction

          Not built From regular Pine lumber that will Rot Out.Our coops last a Lifetime,unlike Pine and Sheets of smart board used for building and siding the coops.You can go inside our coops and clean them out,unlike most coops you can get inside them

Our Coops have Great ventilation and can be enclosed easily during cold months with Rigid Insulation bought at Lowe's or Home Depot

Our coops look great at your home not unsightly

All Coated  nails  an fastners ,staples

Anodized Heavy duty Hinges and  Latches

30 year  metal roofing

4 nesting box's in all 5'  wide coops

5 nesting box's in a  6X10

large roost area

Walk in door

egg collection door on gable end

 Over 6'3"s  to peak of roof inside on 5foot wide

Over 7 feet to peak of 6 foot wide

Many  colors of roof metal to choose from

Coops come All natural PT you can paint or stain

Coops are portable to move around yard

We can also build you fully enclosed runs enclosed with a Enclosed Top area  and  walk in Door.

Karmins New 5X8 Coop


New Item Feb 1st 2015

​Pictured below new design water feeder can be filled from outside coop.hold 20lbs grain,waterier will catch rain water $100 installed as shown.

Rhonda's New 5X10 Coop


Davids new 5X10  Coop


Tims New 5X10 Coop


A Deposit is required on all coops ordered at time of order,I will let you know what it will be at the time you want to order your coop.

Diane's New 5X10 coop


Sarah's New 5X10 coop

Stanfeild, NC

Custom Designed gravity fed waterier and Feeder,Keep water clean an no mess,fill every few days chickens only use water they need,Gravity fed Feeder holds 10lbs of scratch or laying pellets.

Waterier And Feeder installed $70

Chris's 5X8 Coop


Lisa's 5X10 Coop

Southern Pines,NC.

Lowders  4 - 5X10 Coops


Having 70 pairs Hens and Roosters i wanted a coop that was built well an looked around on Craigslist and other places.Found Nc Backyardcoops and ordered my first coop,when it was delivered I could not have been happier with the construction and looks of their workmanship,I have raised Fancy Hens since i was 10 as a hobby an at the age of 72 being a engineer I know when something is built well and I could not be happier with the coops built by NC Backyardcoops.

Just got my new coop.I couldn't be more pleased. The coop is a excellent design.the only ones happier then me with the coop are my chickens. NC Backyardcoops were wonderful to do business with.I would highly recommend them and their coops to anyone.

Connie Morganton,NC


 The Carswell's   5X10 Coop

Blue Roof


We have built these coops for years and have them all over NC,SC and VA our customers love the coops we have built for them an speak highly of our  coops. after you looked at other coops an their construction an materials you will see what sets our coops apart from all the others selling coops.

Badin Lake New London New london, NC 28127 US
Phone: 336-250-0838 Website: http://www.ncbackyardcoops.com/

Melissas New 6X10 Coop

Big Island,VA

Bill An Marys New 5X8 Coop


Howards New 5X10 Coop


​We Find it Funny to see everyone that claims to build coops,but to really know they come an go.We build coops year round an have been for 3 years unlike these so called builders of coops that pop out of no where in the summer season but gone in winter.Our Coops are built out of all pressure treated lumber,the entire coop,not just what comes in contact with the ground.people building coops claiming they use pressure treated where it contacts the ground,the coop will still rot out as the pressure treated will soak up water an be soaked into the other materials they use, siding T-111 an smart board  will rot out an buckle if  gotten wet on inside.

    Our coops can be washed with hose inside an out with no worry of them rotting out,try that with other coops,also our coops are over 6 feet inside .Coops built out of wafer board,smart board or plywood  will rot out in a short time.We have over 250 of our coops being used around the state.

Janes New 5X10 coop

Stanfeild, NC 

Kerry's New 5X8 Coop

Fayetteville ,NC 

Beauchamp's New 5X10 Coop


Will's new 5X10 coop being picked up heading to its new home in Greenville ,SC

Trista an Deans New  5X10 coop


Patricks 5X8 Coop


NewHouse's 5X10 coop

Wake Forest,NC

The Finleys 5X10 Coop


Peters 5X10 coop


Hoyt's  2   5X10 Coops

Thomasville ,NC

Caspers   Coop

Winston Salem,NC

Alan's 6X10 Coop


Markus's 5X10 Coop


Thomas's 6X10 Coop

Chapel Hill ,NC

Jessica An Kevin's 6X10 Coop


Byron's New 5X10 coop


Janet's New 5X10 Coop

Lewiston ,NC

Julies  New 5X10 coop  Ivy grn Roof


Treys New 5X10 coop


Joshua's New 5X10 coop


Joshua told us a guy local to him was selling a coop about the same size as the one we delivered to him for $1500 an it was no wheres near as nice as the one we built for him, for about half the money he also asked the local guy about a watering system like we installed and feeding system an the guy had no idea of what he was talking about,He loved the coop we built for him and said it was way more then he expected.