One of our customers 5X10 coops in wakeforest,NC.

Former  home builder an have been building portable backyard chicken coops for many years. we provide our customers with a quality built coopsthat last a lifetime with minimum up keep. Our coops are built to last not like the small chicken tractors and coops built out of regular pine,we use Pressure treated wood and all non  rusting nails and staples. Our prices for what you are getting is very fair,we see a lot of people building coops with less standard materials asking $595 for a 4X6 coop when we sell a 5X6 for $625 built to last a lifetime.

          We build coops year round not just in the good warm weather,we also build when its in the teens to for fill our customers orders,no matter what time of year they want one of our coops they will get it. We use 40 year metal on our coops an it comes in many colors,unlike some they use the roof metal from lowes that you'd find on a old barn. water and the elements will not hurt our coops an they will last a lifetime with little care.

           We build our coops with pride an good workmanship and love when we deliver them all over an our customers see their coop for the first time,they love them.

           So if you'd like us to build you one of our fine coops to be the home for your feathered friends give us a call.