This type of building construction is what sets us apart from any thing else being built in Nc. All pressure treated lumber,4X4's base Walls built like in your home not 2X4's on end with studs toe nailed in to the wall plates, A frame roof rafters not just a couple of them. Built in skid system on all goat sheds to tow them around your property. Pictured is a 4X8 Goat shed. Exterior latches an hinges are nickel plated .

Our goat shelters an dog houses are completely framed with Pressure treated lumber with a 4X4 base on all , r goat sheds are set up to be towed with your pickup UTV or tractor.

​Dog house pictured is a 4X6 an is 5'2"s tall. Dog House inside is 60"s. For Your large Breed dogs.
Ncbackyardcoops is now building large dog houses for your big dogs. We also build goat shelters along with chicken coops. We use all pressure treated lumber an 50 year smart board siding on our dog houses an goat sheds.We don't rip 2X4s in half we use full 2X4s an a 4X4 base pt ply floor an roof rafters made out of 2X4 pt. Our goat shelters are built to last a long time,even trim on dog houses an goat shelters are pressure treated. You can paint or stain your trim an smart board siding to match your home. 

If you want something smaller that you can trow in the back of your truck we don't build those small houses. We build houses only for large breed dogs.

Also Some pics of our customers goat sheds an Dog Houses.

A goat shed framed like this will not last,walls need to be framed an  interlocked like the walls in your home to have a solid built structure, an notice the non pressure treated  wall studs will not last They will rot out in time.

This is built from pine or spruce wall studs an roof rafters, Will not outlast Pressure treated being is the out doors in moisture an elements.

5ustom Built goat Shelters
could be used for mini horses an mini Donkeys , Large dogs
Skid system to tow around your property with pick up ,tractor or UTV.
All pressure treated lumber floors,wall studs an roof system
All framing 16"   oc not just a few pieces of none pt lumber in the walls
6 Feet to roof peak
 pt ply floor
If Wanted we can add a  2X2 clean out door on gable end for $25
50 year smart siding
40 year roof metal- U pick your color
you can paint your shelter what ever color you'd like
A Frame roof system not like others with a flat shed roof an a few pieces of lumber to support your roof
5 year Warranty on all shelters on materials an workmanship
We offer 5 sizes to choose from
U can order with floor or without

We can do a 3 foot wall for dog house which makes it 5 foot to peak
These shelters are the best your money can buy built right an built to last
4X6   $ 750
4X8   $ 850
4X10  $ 975
4X12  $ 1075

​4X14   $1325

Our new 4X6 Dog house for your large dogs built to last.

This is the smallest we build will last over 15 years


This is how your walls should be framed if you want something that's going to last. We use pressure treated wall studs plates roof rafters an we use a A frame roof not a flat roof. We use 3/4 pt ply for the floor an have a skid system on all Goat sheds so you can tow them anywhere around your property.

Cheaper does always mean better as the old saying goes you get what you pay for.

We now build Goat shelters an large  dog houses, All pressure treated framing an 50 year smart board siding.