Pressure Treated Lumber over 9 months

March 3,2020    2X4X12 $5.87
                            2X4X10  $5.14
May 12th            2X4X12  $6.72
                             2X4X10  $5.67
Oct 2020             2X4X12  $11.33
                             2X4X10   $9.52
 12/23/2020         2X4X12   $10.89 
                              2X4X10   $9.52
12/31/2020          2X4X12    $13.44
                              2X4X10    $11.76 
Lumber has went up over 100% since march an PT has doubled in price
With that said we have to raise our prices some to offset this huge increase in lumber 
An the lumber yards are saying it will be going up even more over the coming weeks.
 lowes an home depot are higher if they can even get pressure treated lumber,we do not use lumber from those 

places as it is not ground contact lumber.