‚ÄčAs soon as proto types are built we will add pictures an pricing.

All planters for raised gardens will be built out of Trex lumber that has a lifetime warranty an will not crack splinter like cedar . Cedar rots over time an this materials will not. you can bury it float it in water an it will not hurt it in any way. These raised beds will be by far the best built in 300 miles from us.

We will be setting up to do above ground Cedar garden beds up to a 6' by 12' from 12"s in depth to 1' depth.

We also will be doing Goat shelters all sizes up to a 6X12 all non Rotting lumber unlike some being built out of smart board siding that can not be wet or washed out. Also to our line up will be offering  fully insulated dog houses all sizes with insulated floors walls an roofs. 

  No one will be our prices or build you a larger structure. 

Modular Planter benches an yard number signs. All pressure treated construction. Ncbackyardcoops will be the areas number One builder for outdoor wooden built items.