My wife and I visited Ncbackyardcoops to look at the coops that they build . We were very impressed . All the hardware, wood and other materials were all of the best quality . The coops are very solid . We purchased a 5X6 and less than a week later they delivered our coop as promised . We are very pleased with the product and the service that Ncbackyardcoops  provided - we recommend them highly . Carl
 Liberty ,NC

I love the chicken coop Ncbackyardcoops built for me! I have 12 hens, and I wanted a coop that is secure against predators at night but that gives the girls plenty of room to move about in the mornings before I let them out. This time of year, they're up well before I make it outside, and I didn't want them confined to a poky little box, which is what most chicken coops seem to be. I'd looked at many different coop options on-line, including DIY kits, home-made coop designs, chicken tractors, etc. To save money, I was inclined to build a coop myself, but it all felt a bit too overwhelming, so I finally decided on a pre-made coop. The trouble was, the ones I was drawn to on-line were really expensive for the size I wanted - way beyond my budget - so I felt resigned to having to buy a coop that was small and ugly. Then I found Ncbackyard coops.
After talking with

them, I felt that they'd do a good job and I'd get a sturdy coop that would have plenty of space for my girls for years to come. (I spent the extra and got the larger size, 5 x 10, because crowded chickens are stressed chickens.) The result has exceeded my expectations! The coop is well-built, easy to use, spacious, well-ventilated, attractive - and, most importantly, hen-approved. Ncbackyardcoops was as good as thier word, having the coop ready on time and delivering it right to my yard. I'm thrilled with it! Ncbackyardcoops attention to detail with regard to both the durability and usability of this coop is something I particularly appreciate. It makes a difference that he has chickens himself, so he knows how little things, such as the design of the access door to the nesting boxes, can make a big difference. It's a great coop!
Oh, and I like the fact that I can winterize this coop when the time comes, simply by enclosing the rest of the roost area with removable panels. That way, the coop is cool and well-ventilated for most of the year, and comfortable during the winter months as well. If I need to put in a heat lamp in the depths of winter, that's no problem, either.
Thanks,Ncbackyardcoops. I love my chicken coop, and I really appreciate you having built it with such care and consideration.
-Chris King-
Veterinarian and medical writer
Winston-Salem, NC

Morgan Levine <levinemorgan1
10:24 AM (1 hour ago)
to me

We ordered four coops for our wildlife rehabilitation center for housing of our rescued Opossums. The coops are made extremely sturdy and we feel confident that no animal will be able to escape or enter the coops. We love the natural design and the nesting boxes are perfect for the babies to curl up and sleep. Everyone who has seen them is very impressed by the design and overall execution of the cages. We asked for extra sheeting under the roofs to reduce noise and Steve was very accepting of the extra work. Steve is the only contractor that I have known to deliver BEFORE the due date. Thank you Steve for giving us faith in contractors again and an amazing product for our animals!

Carolina Wildlife Conservation Center​​